Technology and luxury: Hunton Lewis / CSA France do it again: FY19 marks their best fiscal year ever

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Technology and luxury: Hunton Lewis / CSA France do it again: FY19 marks their best fiscal year ever


  • Key customers won in technology (Top 4 Fortune Technology) and luxury practices (Top 5 of the BrandZ Luxury ranking)
  • In-house HL CIQA© methodology brings a huge difference


PARIS, FRANCE – January 8th, 2020 – Hunton Lewis, part of the Continental Search Alliance Group as CSA France, announces today a new record in company revenues for FY 2019, beating previous record year of FY18.

Over the fiscal year 2019, the value-oriented strategy has continued to be recognized within key worldwide segments of growth being:

According to Bain & Company, the luxury market grew by 4% in 2019, reaching $281 billion. The market is changing more than ever in every aspect: new breeds of consumers (affluent millennials in particular), new trendsetting markets (China) and a constant rethinking of the so called-customer journeyusing digital more than ever. France is undoubtedly the key market to focus on if one wants to work with the HQs of major luxury worldwide brands.


On the other hand, the IT/technology sector has grown by just 0.4% in 2019 vs 2018, to reach $3.7 trillion worldwide according to Gartner. Technology spending should be much stronger in 2020 in particular on software solutions. The global environment is more and more complex; companies will focus more than ever on compliance and security solutions to protect their assets and comply with evolving local and global legislations.


In this global context, the strategy of constantly focusing on state-of-the-art recruitments on a global scale for international companies has brought excellent results for Hunton Lewis / CSA France. H1 2020 is already set to bring a new record again.


Continental Search Alliance (CSA), the international network of best-of-breed Technology focused agencies (12 countries and 80 people), headed by UK partner Damian Bird, strongly contributes to the constant growth of the French territory.

Vertical sectors in which Hunton Lewis / CSA France has developed superior cross expertise are:

  • Technology: international software/SaaS companies in need of business impact
  • Luxury /fashion/retail: international Maisons aiming for digital transformation and marketing/communications enhancements

Hunton Lewis has gained remarkable feedback from both candidates and customers in particular thanks to:

  • the breakthrough in-house HL Method: specific tools to target high-valued competencies, including using original statistical market analysis,
  • CIQA© questionnaire: registered at National Patent Institute, a must for candidates. This method has generated faster and more accurate results for both candidates and companies to make sure the final match is mutual.



Hunton Lewis is an Executive Search Firm based in Paris, France, that specializes in leadership recruiting and business transformation projects for multinational clients at the crossroads of Technology / Digital / SaaS / Cloud and Luxury / Fashion / Retail sectors. 

Hunton Lewis is a co-founder of Executive Search network Continental Search Alliance (CSA).