Venture Capitalists, Investment Funds, Shareholders, Board of Directors, Executive committees:
You need the right leaders to strengthen and take your business to next level.
You need the right leaders to grow revenues and shareholder value.
You need the right insight to overcome international market threats, and leverage the opportunities that fast moving markets can offer.
Change never ends. It only accelerates.

Having the right leaders, at the right time and the right place makes the whole difference.

Hunton Lewis is staged to become a game changer in the highly competitive international market of search and recruitment of A-players.


We’ve developed a whole set of highly-efficient, proven processes, benchmarking, matrix and analytics tools, including our breakthrough, patented CIQA Test®. We bring innovation to the recruitment market by generating amazing results for our clients. And we want it to be known.


98.2% placement success rate since 2019.


Since 2019, Hunton Lewis has experienced double digit growth. Our existing clients continue to trust us time and time again to contribute to their business success, and we continuously bring in new ones - we’re clearly doing something right.


Before working with a potential client, we do our due diligence on the company’s market and financial potential ... and 75% of the time we say no. This is our pledge to top executive candidates: provide them with the best career options in the market. This is our pledge to companies that thrive on excellence too.


Our team is fully trained in our patented HL Method to ensure the best results in the most challenging, complex and critical situations. It works. The Hunton Lewis team is headed by seasoned leaders in the industry, Isabelle Mathieu and Jerome Soudet.


The business cost of the wrong recruitment is too high to ignore, from a financial cost of at least 5 times the initial yearly salary of the employee hired, to all the qualitative impact on the team and the business. We focus on generating value for investors through strategic hiring. Hiring the right professionals the first time around ensures the solid ROI you are looking for.

Service Level Agreement

We have detailed processes to control the quality level of all our services at every step of the recruitment process.


Transparency, honesty, trust, passion and commitment. With our HL Method, we always find solutions, and we mean it.

Facts & Figures

Every phase of our selection processes is driven by tangible facts and figures. We measure and provide data on our clients’ KPIs – because we aim to impact their business directly and create real value.