Hunton Lewis, Another Record Year – FY2016 Results

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Record revenues for Hunton Lewis (HL) Executive Search in FY 2016 with another year of double-digit revenue growth

  • Year-over-year growth of +17% and record revenues in a sector which experienced only single-digit growth 
  • Hunton Lewis’s breakthrough “HL Method” in recruiting validated

PARIS, FRANCE – January 25th, 2017 – Hunton Lewis announced today a new record in company revenues has been reached for their Fiscal Year 2016 (ending June 30th 2016), with Year-over-Year (YoY) growth for FY 2015 over FY 2016 of +17%. These impressive results come from the company’s many successful executive placements throughout Europe, including the UK, Sweden, Benelux, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and France.

Digital transformation leads the way in 2016

Key focus areas for Hunton Lewis and its clients in 2016 have been in the following sectors:

  • Fashion, luxury and retail markets with a focus on critical digital and strategic business transformation roles
  • Strategic consulting in retail / luxury / fashion
  • Fast growing SaaS and web business applications with international reach
  • Venture Capital firms (VCs) looking to strengthen the talent in their start up portfolios, especially C-suite operational roles and independent board members

Leading the pack in a sector trying to redefine itself

In 2010 the Executive Search profession was concerned about disintermediation from in-house talent acquisition teams, contingent recruiters and professional social networks. The “HL Method” has proved that none of these players would prove to be a long-term obstacle. Companies rely on Executive Search when true added value lies at the core of critical and hard-to-hire roles, senior strategic profiles, confidential replacements, and key market inputs.

“The traditional ways of attracting and recruiting top talent no longer work for most companies,” shares Jerome Soudet, Associate Director at Hunton Lewis. “Those Executive Search firms that are able to understand the fundamental shift in business and society brought about by digital transformation are the ones that will survive in the long run, and Hunton Lewis is leading the pack.”

Hunton Lewis YoY Growth vs. Global Executive Search Market YoY Growth

Hunton Lewis & Association of Executive Search & Leadership Consultants (AESC) Figures

Hunton LewisExecutive Search Sector

*Full figures expected in April 2017. Figure for Q1 2016 was +8.8%
In 2015 the worldwide Executive Search sector was worth $12 billion.

What a successful search looks like is changing

AESC mentions in an April 2016 report that in 2010 the majority of clients used metrics related to the search process itself to measure a successful search, such as:

  • time to long/short list,
  • the quality of the long/short list,
  • and quality of marketplace information provided by the retained search firm.

This is no longer the case. In 2016, the most important metrics are more sophisticated and results-oriented. Particular focus is now given to:

  • business performance of the successful candidate over time (70%),
  • and length of tenure of the successful candidate (41%) at their new company.

One of Hunton Lewis’ big successes is that their candidates stay longer in their role when hired – averaging at more than 3 years at their new company.

The “HL Method”

To anticipate market transformations, Hunton Lewis has focused on two particular topics:

  • HL ensures quality through its innovative “HL Method”, which utilizes its own breakthrough CIQA© method registered with the National Patent Institute. HL has had a placement success rate of 98.1% since 2011 thanks to this approach.
  • HL expands its international reach as a founding member of the international executive search network of 11 European agencies and 50 consultants, Continental Search Alliance (CSA) In 2015 Hunton Lewis was the top contributor in terms of revenues and in the top 3 in 2016 within the CSA network.

Says Jerome Soudet, Associate Director at Hunton Lewis:

“Hunton Lewis anticipates changes, and helps their clients hire the leadership level they need to perform and execute. We will keep growing and developing into new critical areas, in particular strategic consulting. We have become a game changer in the Executive Search sector. Our outstanding growth over this last year, and previous years as well, is a clear sign of excellence in the services we continue to bring to our clients. Expect more innovative solutions from us in the coming year.”

About Hunton Lewis

Hunton Lewis is an Executive Search firm based in Paris, France that specializes in leadership recruiting and business transformation projects for multinational clients at the crossroads of Technology / Digital / SaaS / Cloud and Luxury / Fashion / Retail sectors. Hunton Lewis is a co-founder of Executive Search network Continental Search Alliance (CSA).

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