Hunton Lewis partnership with Evina

Announcing an exciting collaboration with Evina

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Hunton Lewis is excited to collaborate with Evina, an internationally-facing fintech start-up based in Paris, France. Evina specializes in cybersecurity for mobile phones, in particular mobile money and payments. They are present in over 80 countries and is venture-capital backed by Radian Capital in New York. This follows the announcement of €20 million in fundraising in November 2021. Securing this investment has enabled Evina to plan for and generate growth in a number of international markets.


Evina aims to expand its presence in Europe, the Middle East and other fast-growing regions in Africa. This is particularly in the west (Dakar, Senegal) and south (Johannesburg, South Africa) which hold huge potential for growth. This extensive period of recruitment, spearheaded by Hunton Lewis, will employ the services of Continental Search Alliance France’s international executive search platform. This is overseen by the CEO and founder of Evina, David Lotfi, and Chief Sales Officer Cedric Hubert. This drive for recruitment coincides with an extraordinary time of growth in the sector.
The market of carrier billing is in a clear boom period. It is projected to leap to $70 billion in value by 2025 with the rapid development of alternative payment methods, mobile wallets and international ecommerce. The adoption of ‘mobile money’ has hit a record high in many regions of the world in the last 12 months. This is particularly appealing for the ease and accessibility of transactions. Hunton Lewis is happy to help Evina build their international team during this period of exciting growth for the company and the sector. This growth will have a strong focus on opening different offices in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
Jerome Soudet, Hunton Lewis / CSA France