At Hunton Lewis we have the privilege to make a real impact in the world and in our closer community.
We believe in giving back by supporting causes we care about with either our time or money.


We like arts and we like to share it.
As of October 2018, Hunton Lewis’s doors are open to whoever has the desire to admire some of the works by the following artists:

Daniel Picard

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Daniel Picard is a graphic designer and a renowned photographer that loves everything related to pop culture.
His latest pieces of arts literally play with figures from our childhood, being super heroes or pop culture cult characters in very daily settings.
Daniel’s work has appeared on many websites, in magazines and exposed at galleries in Paris.

Ma Rue Par Achbe

Located in Montmartre, Paris, mysterious Ma Rue Par Achbe (meaning “My Street, by HB”) is a street artist that has grown in fame since 2017. She has been recently exhibited at the French Alliance and Unesco in Paris. Everyday she uses chalk to write a sentence or piece of poetry directly on the pavement, resonating with her mood or the news or the general atmosphere. Her art is based on joyful play of words or caring social or political comments. Her writing moments are not meant to last except through her photos. She leads us to see our streets and environments differently. Starting from the above and from the sky.

Pavel Bendov

Native of Belarus and a self-taught photographer, Pavel’s art is mainly focused on urban landscapes. He has a particular passion for New York City. His latest project, Urban Lines, is composed of a series of works with original perspectives and neutral colours that give a new type of perception of the American skyscrapers


Hunton Lewis also provides financial support as well as volunteer hours by our own employees to various charity projects important to us.

Nepal 2013

For three months in 2013, a delegation from the French-Nepalese Cultural Association (ACFN), including a Hunton Lewis employee gave support to several villages in the Rigaon region (North West to Katmandu) of Nepal. The project centered on creating an agricultural cooperative and the building of a school.

Paris Red Cross

Since 2017, Hunton Lewis regularly donates money and volunteer time to help various actions of the Paris Red Cross. One member of our company is an active contributor and project manager with the organization. Our latest contribution involved the purchase of a brand new ambulance for daily interventions of the Paris Red Cross


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